The Lampertz IT Security Room

The modular IT security room as a customized installation in existing building environments.

If you want to integrate your data center into an existing physical environment, important aspects such as protection class, expandability or set-up time are important to consider in order to design your IT security space.

Conventional protection classes, defined in DIN 4102 or EN 1363, are sufficient for personal protection, but not for the current IT protection, since, for example, in the event of a fire in the data center much too high temperatures and high humidity would occur damage.

The EN 1047-2 standard for IT safes and rooms is therefore aimed at the complete system and can best be implemented economically when using a room-in-room system.

Our modular IT security rooms provide the prerequisite for such an EN 1047-2 tested and certified system. The modular design facilitates both the adaptability to existing structural environments as well as the possibility of flexibly usable as a movable economic asset in the balance sheet.

Whether such an IT security space is the right choice for you and what added value such a solution offers you, we are happy to clarify in a personal planning meeting.


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