The Lampertz Outdoor Data Center

The container data center as a flexible application for the efficient operation of secure IT infrastructures.

If a data center building in the existing building is not possible but you are looking for an efficient solution, our outdoor data center modules are the first choice. As building modules specially designed for the operation of data centers, they meet not only all the specific requirements for the certified operation of a data center, but also the prerequisite for permanent building stock.

Individually in size and equipment, we deliver complete turnkey environments for your IT infrastructure within 10 weeks, which can be used immediately after delivery. In this way, you save space in the building and remain completely flexible - our containers are so mobile that they can be easily moved to a different location if required.

Or you concatenate several containers to a larger environment, and thus benefit from increased efficiency through a higher utilization of smaller modules while increasing overall system availability.

We also offer these solutions as an attractive financing solution to keep your flexibility in financial terms.


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